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Wild Health Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

COVID surges across America. States halt and reverse opening. Hospitals at capacity. But there is a way out. Matt and Mike discuss some solutions to reverse the negative trend in COVID cases over the past 2 weeks. 

Jun 12, 2020

Blood type affects  your COVID risk and how to find it from your raw DNA data.   The WHO and CDC must do better.   June 12th COVID-19  update.

Jun 9, 2020

We're seeing a common trend since starting the process of opening back up: more cases! Plus, researchers testing the city sewer system's poop for COVID. AND!?!?!?! Mike admits he was wrong! Cholesterol and APOE4 genotype might actually be associated with COVID disease severity and prevalence.

Jun 6, 2020

COVID update June 5.  7 day rolling average of COVID deaths increases as we continue to open up.   Hydroxychloroquine data called into question.