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Wild Health Podcast

Jul 19, 2023

Join Dr. Mike Stone and Dr. Carl Seger as they dive into the world of VO2 max, exploring its impact on health, fitness, and longevity. Learn what VO2 max is and how it reflects your cardiovascular fitness, serving as a key predictor of athletic performance. Discover effective training strategies to improve your VO2 max through exercise, including insights on frequency, intensity, and the benefits of incorporating strength training.


Dr. Stone and Dr. Seger emphasize the importance of recovery in optimizing VO2 max. Explore the vital role of rest in enhancing your body's ability to utilize oxygen efficiently. Additionally, gain valuable tips on testing VO2 max, enabling you to measure and track your cardiovascular fitness accurately. Uncover the remarkable connection between VO2 max and longevity, and learn how striving for a higher VO2 max can positively impact your overall well-being.


Tune in to this enlightening episode and unlock the power of VO2 max, empowering yourself to reach new levels of fitness, longevity, and understanding of your body's incredible potential.