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Wild Health Podcast

Jun 7, 2019

Your shoulder is the most complicated joint in your body.  The shoulder bones are just floating in space! Just like your glutes (see prior podcast), our lifestyles spent mostly sitting at desks puts us in a slouched position, with drooping shoulders and poor scapular activation.  In this podcast Dr Mike Mallin and Dr Mark Goodman talk again with our favorite physical therapist, Denny Dragon of Redbird Physical Therapy in Bend, OR.  Denny helped Mike rehab his shoulder after a rotator cuff tear...or two. 

What we Learned:
1) Scapular elevation is important to protect the rotator cuff.
2) Chances are good you're doing the bodybuilder shoulder raise and don't even know it. 
3) Mark doesn't move his shoulder right.
4) The best way to train your scapula to move is to do lots and lots of shoulder raises, the right way.