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Wild Health Podcast

Feb 7, 2024

Today on the podcast we delve into the fascinating world of psychedelics, integration, and personal growth. Join Dr. Mike Stone, Dr. Mike Malin, and Shawn Wells as they navigate the intricacies of psychedelic experiences and the vital role of integration coaches in this transformative journey.


In this episode, our experts emphasize the significance of integration as the cornerstone of any psychedelic journey. They explore the importance of preparing mentally and emotionally both before and after psychedelic experiences, highlighting the pivotal role integration coaches play in facilitating this process.


Discover how to recreate the supportive environments of psychedelic journeys and extend their positive effects long after the experience. Our hosts delve into the realm of supplements, discussing their efficacy in enhancing the journey experience and supporting post-journey integration.


Delving deeper, the conversation touches on the nuanced differences between psychedelics and SSRI medications, shedding light on their distinct effects and applications. They also explore the sensory aspects of psychedelic experiences, from smells to sounds, and how these can be utilized during integration work to reconnect with profound insights gained during the journey.


But the discussion doesn't stop there. Shawn Wells shares his personal post-journey rituals and daily routines, offering valuable insights into fostering a deep gratitude practice and maximizing the benefits of psychedelic experiences in everyday life.

Tune in to gain invaluable insights into the world of psychedelics, integration, and personal growth, and embark on a journey towards greater self-discovery and well-being.