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Wild Health Podcast

Oct 25, 2023

Join us for an insightful and candid conversation about the pervasive issue of perfectionism. We are joined by Dr. Julie Foucher, Erika Snyder, Ariana Fiorita, and Kelly James, all of whom share their personal journeys with perfectionism and offer valuable insights into this complex and often misunderstood aspect of our lives.

Our guests delve into a definition of perfectionism and the multifaceted components that contribute to it, exposing the underbelly of the health and wellness industry. The panel discusses the need to unlearn the praise received for being a perfectionist and offers practical steps toward healing.

They emphasize the value of moving through each moment with a positive and loving perspective, fostering self-love and respect for ourselves. Our experts highlight a range of effective tools for reframing, ultimately helping individuals identify what they genuinely want and need.

Join us for this episode as we embark on a journey to embrace imperfection, find balance, and discover the path to self-love.