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Wild Health Podcast

Jan 24, 2024

Join us on the Wild Health Podcast for a fascinating conversation with Dr. SanDeep Prakash, Chief Scientific Officer at SoundSelf. Dr. Prakash shares the inspiring story behind SoundSelf, a revolutionary technology merging vocal toning, music, and visual elements to induce a 45-minute transcendent state. He discusses how this immersive experience aids in mental health therapy by facilitating a deep flow state, reducing judgment and external awareness.


Delving into the therapeutic and ancient roots of this technology, Dr. Prakash explains how SoundSelf is enhancing mental wellness, especially when combined with psychedelic therapies. He also provides a sneak peek into SoundSelf's ongoing research and its potential impact on the future of mental health care.

For an enlightening exploration of how technology is reshaping therapy and wellness, visit and tune into this episode.