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Wild Health Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Dr. Julie Foucher, 4x Crossfit Games Athlete and functional medicine physician talks about the health benefits of Crossfit for all.

Sep 12, 2020

Dr Alex Carll from the University of Louisville joins us today to discuss what you can do now about air pollution and your health! The west is literally burning and millions of Americans are suffering from loss of lives, homes, and are being exposed to unprecedented levels of poor air quality. Dr Carll joins us...

Sep 10, 2020

Premier vaccine phase 3 trial on hold. Steroids beneficial in critically ill COVID patients. Antibodies last at least 3 months. Masks the new vaccine?!?!

Sep 9, 2020

Is this possible? We see it all over the internet. And everyone has heard the stories of ultramarathoners and endurance athletes dropping dead while running or training. But what does the literature say? Is this concept real or fake? Dr Matthew Slater is a cardiothoracic surgeon, an avid cyclist, and a cycling coach...