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Wild Health Podcast

Apr 12, 2023

In this episode, we will be discussing the Katalyst device with Katalyst Founder and CEO, Bjoern Woltermann. The Katalyst device is a revolutionary wearable technology that can help improve fitness and health. 


Katalyst uses electro muscle stimulation (EMS) to help you build more strength in less time, without any external weights or wear-and-tear on your body, so you’re always prepared to rise to the occasion. It can also help individuals with limited mobility to exercise more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to achieve their fitness goals.


During the podcast, we will explore the various features of the Katalyst device and dive into the science that makes it work. We will also discuss how the device can be used to target specific muscle groups and enhance overall physical performance.


Tune in to learn more about the Katalyst device and how electro muscle stimulation technology can transform your fitness journey.


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