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Wild Health Podcast

Jun 3, 2019

Your butt may be more important than you ever realized! Our sedentary lifestyles spent mostly sitting at desks train your glute not to activate.  This leads to imbalances, weakness, and injury. In this podcast Dr. Mike Mallin and Dr. Mark Goodman talk with one of our favorite physical therapists, Denny Dragon of Redbird Physical Therapy in Bend, OR. Denny has and continues to treat world class athletes and knows more about the glutes than anyone we know. 
What we Learned:
1) The glute medius is responsible for stabilizing the hip joint and instability leads to knee pain, hip pain, and ankle sprains. 
2) The glute maximus is the "powerhouse" and we can optimize its use through some simple drills. 
3) Mike has a weak glute medius
4) The best way to activate your glute medius is to do banded lateral walks.