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Wild Health Podcast

Dec 19, 2023

Dr. Julie Foucher and Dr. Meghan Jones sit down to answer listener and patient submitted questions about women's health. They start by diving into the concept of learning to view a menstrual cycle as a vital sign, and the need for a deeper understanding from the start of childhood.


We dive into the concept of cycle syncing and provide practical tips and research around how to provide your body support in different stages of your cycle. We dive into simple ways to increase protein intake, how to start resistance training, the impacts of muscle on the endocrine system, and the ladies top 5 ways to ease PMS symptoms.


Next we chat about specific conditions like endometriosis and how to navigate the complexities and their recommended somatic techniques, detoxifying, and the foundation of healthy living.


The podcast wraps up by the evolution of hormones throughout the life span, touching on Peri, pre and menopause.