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Wild Health Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

Dive into the ultimate guide on the health benefits of pickleball in this episode of the Wild Health Podcast. Dr. Mike Stone and Dr. Carl Seger explore the surge in pickleball's popularity, dissected through the lens of health and fitness.


Discover the health advantages of pickleball as Dr. Stone and Dr. Seger delve deep into its impact on agility, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle engagement. Explore the game's potential to elevate mental health and cognitive performance and its impact on longevity.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and rewards, ensuring you step onto the pickleball court armed with knowledge. Delve further with Dr. Stone and Dr. Seger as they introduce various modalities to enhance the benefits of your pickleball play. Learn about the art of recovery and its pivotal role in achieving holistic well-being.


Unravel the question of whether pickleball can be your primary path to health goals or a delightful addition to your wellness journey.


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